Monday, November 5, 2007

Dressed for success

Siblings George, Lizzie and James Retherford,
about 1937.
Their ages in 2007: 86, 87 and 89.

Their Parents
  • James Bernie Retherford (1886-1975)
    + Daisy Lisenby (1888-1989)

  • Grandparents
  • Henry Frederick Retherford (1857-1939)
    + Callie "Caroline" Dawsey (1861-1922)

  • George William Lisenby (1866-1907)
    + Mary A. "Tinsey" Woodham (1868-bef. 1920)

  • Great-Grandparents
  • John A. Rutherford/Retherford (1833-1914)
    + Thursey Ann Pate (1832-1897)

  • James Silvester Dawsey (1836-unk.)
    + Sarah White (1834-1907)

  • John Wesley Woodham (1847-bef. 1880)
    + Elizabeth A. "Eliza" Richardson (1848-unk.)

  • William H. Lisenby (1828-1895)
    + Mary Druscilla Riley (1834-1892)

  • Great-Great-Grandparents
  • Henry T. Rutherford (1804-abt. 1865)
    + Mary Alice "Allis" Davis (1807-aft. 1880)

  • Alexander Pate (1811-1905)
    + Unknown (American native)

  • Thomas A. Dawsey (1804-bef. 1880)
    + Pheraby Laurel Crawford (1819-aft. 1880)

  • John Lisenby (1793-abt. 1865)
    + Piety Tiller (1797-abt. 1870)

  • Great-Great-Great-Grandparents
  • Samuel Rutherford (bef. 1785-unk.)
    + Cynthia Parnell (bef. 1790-aft. 1850)

  • (Believed) John Aaron Davis (abt. 1775-unk.)
    + Priscilla McElroy (abt. 1775-unk.)

  • Zacheus (or Zachariah) Pate (1785-1862)
    + Elizabeth Humphrey (1791-aft. 1870)

  • Thomas D. Dawsey (1766-1854)
    + Elizabeth Hooks (1774-1854)

  • Joshua Lisenby (1763-1801)
    + Ruth Blackford (1772-aft. 1793)

  • Some dates are approximate.
    If you wish to share information on these families, please
    email me.

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    1. Hello, my name is Adelina Sowell and James Retherford was my husbands great grandfather. As a matter of fact, Danny Curry had just posted something on Facebook about the Retherford family reunion, which Michaeal had wanted to be added to any notification list and take part. We used to live fairly close to Holmes county but moved to Kentucky this year for a new position of mine.
      Could we have permission to use some of you photos and information to fill in our blanks on the family tree? we've gotten fairly far on it but I have never been able to find any Native American connection at all, even messaging a few other people on Ancestry who are supposed to come from the same line as well as checking the Indian Rolls and Fold3.
      My email is and I'm AFRHsoldier20 on ancestry.

      Thanks, Adelina