Sunday, September 28, 2008

WW II - 389th Infantry Regiment

My dad's platoon in Hawaii, 1944.
He is standing shirtless, center row, right end.

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Signatures on back of photo

Men listed alphabetically (home state in parenthesis)
    John W. Belmonte (CN-?)
    Fletcher H. Campbell (OH)
    Eddie Ciesielski (IL)
    Eugene M. "Spud" Dayley (ID)
    Arnold Deutsch (NY)
    Louis C. George (NY)
    Joseph A. Isgro (NY)
    Warren H. Lathe (VT)
    Austin L. Lincoln (ME)
    Albert Montes (NM)
    Charles Richard Pitts (?)
    Ernest Reich (NY)
    George W. Retherford (FL)
    Russell W. Smith (NY)
    Alphonse Thomas Trask (MA)
    Manuel "Primo" Vierra (RI)
    Elmer Weaver (OK)

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