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Tracing the Henry T. Rutherford Family 1830-1880

1830 US Census The Henry T. Rutherford (aka Retherford) family was in Pulaski County, Georgia, with two girls under age 5.

1840 US Census One daughter, age 10-15, and two daughters under five were in the household, Pulaski County, GA. Children's names were not recorded in the 1840 census, but we believe the girls were Frances Amanda, born in 1830, Rachel, born about 1836, and Abigail, born about 1840. As adults in later censuses, all three women reported they were born in Georgia.

1850 Alabama and US Censuses The Rutherford/Retherford family moved to Southeast Alabama about 1844. They were in Dale County in 1850, living near Pate, Dawsey, Boyett, Cobb, Floyd, Fountain and Underwood families, among other families associated with the Rutherford family over the years. Oldest daughter Amanda was enumerated with husband James Monroe Daniel in the Southern District of Dale County. Thursey Ann Pate, the wife of Robert C. Floyd and a daughter of Alexander Pate, was also in the Southern District. At the time, Geneva County had not been formed, so Dale County still extended south to the Florida border and Holmes County. Thursey's father, Alexander Pate, was living in Holmes County, Florida, 3rd Division. He was a neighbor of John L. Leavins.

1856-57 Marriages Abigail Rutherford married John L. Leavins about 1856. Rachel Rutherford married Howell S. Cobb about 1857. John A. Rutherford married Thursey Ann (Pate) Floyd about 1857.

1860 US Census Henry and Alice Rutherford, along with their five youngest children, Sarah, James, Samuel, Cynthia Ann and William Henry, were in Mt. Ida, Pike County, Alabama. James and Amanda (Rutherford) Daniel were in Covington County, AL. John A. and Thursey Ann (Pate) Rutherford were in Dale County, Alabama. Howell S. and Rachel (Rutherford) Cobb were in Covington County, Alabama. John L. and Abigail (Rutherford) Leavins were in Escambia County, Florida.

1861-1865 War Years James Rutherford, Howell S. Cobb and John L. Leavins were war casualties. Henry T. Rutherford died before the 1866 Alabama State Census was conducted.

1866 Alabama State Census Alice Rutherford and her two youngest children, Cynthia Ann and William Henry, were still in Pike County, Alabama. Next door was Rachel (Rutherford) Cobb, also a widow, with her two daughters and one son under 10. James and Amanda (Rutherford) Daniel were in Covington County, Alabama. In 1867, Abigail (Rutherford) Leavins, still living in Escambia County, Florida, was married to her second husband, Smith S. Layport, a US Marine sergeant from Pennsylvania.

1870 US Census Alice Rutherford and son Samuel were enumerated in the household of Albert and Sarah (Rutherford) Gibson, Crenshaw County, Alabama. Youngest daughter Cynthia Ann was married to John B. “Jack” Brunson, also in Crenshaw County. Youngest son William Henry Rutherford was in Pulaski County, Georgia, married to Hannah Dupree. John and Thursey Rutherford remained in Dale County. Abigail (Rutherford) Layport and her six children were in Escambia County, Florida. Rachel (Rutherford) Cobb was enumerated in Abigail's household, but Rachel's three children were not. They may have been living with other relatives at the time. By 1883, one of Rachel's daughters (apparently; not proven) was married to John Ashford Henderson in Escambia County, Alabama, across the state line from Escambia County, Florida. By 1870, James and Amanda Daniel had already migrated to Texas and settled their family in Grimes County.

1880 US Census Alice Rutherford was living with James and Amanda Daniel in Grimes County, Texas. Also in Grimes County were Samuel and Lizzy Rutherford and children, along with Jack and Cynthia Brunson and children. Albert and Sarah Gibson and children were in nearby Jack County. William Henry and Hannah Rutherford were in Dodge County, Georgia. John A. and Thursey Rutherford remained in Dale County, Alabama. Rachel Rutherford Cobb and family were not found in 1880. In 1875, Smith S. Layport had homesteaded 160 acres in Baldwin County, Alabama. Sometime between 1870-1880, Abigail Rutherford (Leavins) Layport had sailed from Pensacola to Cedar Key with all of her children except oldest daughter Sophronia “Sophie” Leavins, who was married to Thomas W. Fell in 1874. The Fell family was living in Baldwin County in 1880. Abigail and her other children were all in Hernando County (now Citrus County).

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